Malaysian Palm Oil Council in Mumbai had organised a Bloggers meet cum Bollywood theme Food Hunt on 30 September 2019 at Sunville Banquets Worli. Dr. Bhavna Shah who is the Country representative of India and Sri Lanka and Mr Sandeep Bhan – Chief Operating Officer of Sime Darby Oils along with the bigwigs of the blogging industry graced the event.

Dr. Bhavna Shah being the Country representative talked about the Palm Oil in length like it’s versatility, benefits and usage. She shared some of the great unknown facts about Palm Oil like India has almost 41% of the Palm oil users. Palm oil is completely vegan and cholesterol free oil which makes it the most versatile oil. It is a type of oil widely used by the beauty industry, confectionery products and even the food industry. It is the most popular oil rich in vitamin a and vitamin e. You can find palm oil in the products like toothpastes, cosmetics, soaps, lubricants and much more. It also has anti oxidant effects.

Food Hunt was the activity which everyone anxiously waited for. Every Blogger including me were dressed up in a Bollywood character like Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor etc. I was dressed up like the Deepika Padukone Mastani from the very popular Bollywood movie ‘Bajirao Mastani’ and even said a famous dialogue by Deepika Padukone from the movie on the stage.

Food Hunt activity was executed at different eateries like Baraana, Light House Cafe and The Game situated at Worli. There were different activities which were the part of the food hunt.

At Baraana there was a blind fold food tasting session where we the team members were blindfolded and were given the recipes prepared using palm oil and we had to guess the ingredients with which the recipe was prepared. We quickly mentioned all the ingredients and went to the next spot.

The next spot was The Game situated at the Atria Mall itself which hosted the quiz competition which was also on the palm oil which everyone just enjoyed playing. And finally it was time for the last spot.

The last spot was the Light House Cafe situated at worli itself which hosted the salad making session where we were provided several ingredients and we the team had to prepare salad using 5 ingredients and of course Palm oil which the judges liked too much and appreciated.

After the food hunt activity it was time for the stage performances where all the blogger fellows were in full force and enacted their respective acts on stage which was judged by Dr. Bhavna Shah and Sandeep Bhan.

The event concluded with the prize distribution to the best team on the overall performance of the team. The winning team received hampers and appreciation for the efforts from the judges.

All in all the it was the most fun event with the dose of full on Bollywood, full on masti and high voltage fun.

For more information about the Malaysian Palm Oil you can visit their official website

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