Coat Fabrics For The Ultimate Corporate Man.

Not just warmth, an overwhelming personality is best stated in a coat and pant for a corporate man. In terms of warmth, coat fabric can be classified in different categories. It varies based on weight and finishing. Also, summer coats are available in fabrics that are light in weight and can be easily worn in the summer season. No doubt it takes a handsome pocket pinch to make a proper corporate coat. As coat fabrics for men and women are costly and also include high making charge so it is always better to examine the quality of the material. Let’s discuss here different types of coat fabric parameters to identity quality.

Wool for the warmth

If you are looking for warmth during winter or for winter based country then wool should be your first pick. It is natural; breathable and insulating from cold. Wool coat fabrics for men in online store are available in an array of collections with To add to the warmth or slim look a blend of alpaca is suggestible. Worsted wool is the best choice as it has mid-weight and is hardwearing. It has a higher twist, finer yarn and is very light to wear. With nylon lining, it can better beat the cold.

Worsted wool has the highest durability for its spinning technique.  Carding process is used to remove brittle and short fibers. Better the quality more they use long strands of fiber to accomplish the smooth, tough and corporate look.

Fur mixed with wool is a century-long choice to bit the cold. It is used in different yarns to accomplish the look.

Cashmere or the silk stands for luxury

This stands for the perfect indulgence. The exclusive quality and brilliance of fabric makes the difference and enhance the overall corporate look of the attire. Both the cost and quality are premium. It has an optimum shine that speaks the grandeur. It is highly protective of winter cold. Cashmere silk can also be used for making of the coat.

Mohair from Angora Goat protects chill winter

It has a frizzy look but protects coarse winter. It is extracted from the fleece of a special breed of goat known as Angora. It is a durable natural fiber. It is often mixed with wool to make the coat extra cold protected.

Linen for pocket-friendly and summer wear

Linen is best for summer coat. It has the shiny look and also has the efficacy to tailor summer wear which allows summers’ hotness not to give off the corporate styling in the coat. But it gets creased and stains very often. Dry wash and single day use are sustainable for it.




Silk efficacy in an accomplished look

Coat made from silk fabric is easy for summer and winter. It expels out warm in summer and let not cold enter in during winter and it also retains body heat. Also, the efficacy speaks of the quality and grandeur of luxury.

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Velvet for party wear

Velvet coat can also be worn around the year. It is a perfect fabric for the special tailoring pattern of the coat. But it is better for party wear than corporate use. It is breathable and simultaneously protects light cold chill air also.

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  1. That’s a nice read, being a corporate man, I prefer linens for summer and in winters I like to pair cashmere or wool blazers with cotton trousers. Feels comfortable.

  2. I really like your post, this is the first time I read about what wool stands for, what silk stands for and this is really interesting and informative.

  3. Ruchi Verma says:

    Trust me this is one of the most informative fashion post today I read. We usually are not aware of what fabric to choose for the right season..Thanks for such a detailed post!!

  4. I love the Cashmere and Mohair fabrics. Being a corporate guy myself, I understand the value of looking dapper.

  5. I really love men in formal suits so these fabrics definitely intrigue me! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I loved the kashmere one a lot. That looks so classy and rich. I was looking one for my man. Thanks for sharing the collection 🙂

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