Counterfeit Make Up: Can We Ever Get Freedom From It?

Heyy My Loves.. Hope you are doing well. I love doing make up and buy tons of it. My shelves are full of Foundation, Lipsticks, Glosses, Mascras and so much more. Sometimes the Make Up products have created hole in pocket too. No matter what i still get tempted at the sight of it. The market for make up is too huge beyond our imagination. There are many different brands and Makeup products available which are high end, affordable and sometimes even cheap. High end brands of make up like Huda Beauty, Naked, Kylie Cosmetics are very in these days and are quiet costly too which not many of us can afford using it. The make up products being the high end resulted in the manufacturing of the fake up.

You all must have come around stores selling Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks at just Rs 60.00 or the Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation at just Rs 250.00. Do You think the brand Huda Beauty can ever sell their Foundation at Rs 250.00? Never. These are the Fake Make Up Products. Such products are spread in the market like virus.

Fake Make Up Products are cheap and is very easy on the pockets. But have you thought about the side effects of such cheap products on your skin? Fake up products are very harmful for the skin in the long run. The ingredients found in such products can be carcinogens, animal waste which can include rat waste and even human waste which can be really very harmful for the skin.

Using Fake make up can cause infections and there were even reports of people suffering from rashes, skin allergies, swollen lips and even chemical burns. Fake Make up also contains chemicals like Alluminium, Arsenic and even Mercury. The amount of the lead content in the fake lipstick is much higher as compared to the orignal one.


I Tried The Favorite Make Up Products Of The MUA’s From Glamaroma





So Cheap make up products can be really tempting at times but never ever compromise with your skin just to be light on the pockets and later on pay for the health issues.

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  1. That’s true. Fake makeup is cheap on pockets but does harm to the skin. Rather than having multiple fake products we can invest in 2-3 good quality products

  2. I agree, there are lot of fake products in the market in every indistry. And make up products are somethich which girls should be aware of as it will direct effect on skin and other parts of body.

  3. Thanks for enlightening us about the hazards of using fake makeup products on our skin and the kind of damage it can cause in the long run is something we should all realise and not entertain such fake copies.

  4. Shilpa Bindlish says:

    Fake products can cause so much damage to skin. One has to be extra vigilant selecting the genuine items.

  5. It is always good to buy makeup or skincare from proper stores and pay that little bit extra rather than buy something which will do more damage to our skin.

  6. There are many fake products in the market. It is really difficult to identify the original. Your post is really informative to identify fake and original products. And definitely the fake one’s are bad for eyes and skin

  7. Wow your post is such an eye opener! I wasnt aware that there are Huda and naked products being sold so cheap in the market. Also, I am so glad that huda finally launched in India as I had my doubts about the Insta sellers too

  8. That was a great read, indeed people are not aware of the fake duplicate product’s of their favourite brands and it can be really harmful for their skin.

  9. A very well written post. People go Gaga over cheap makeup products, but they don’t realize the damage they are doing to themselves. Cheap is not always best

  10. Mrinal Kiran says:

    I hate fake makeup and I don’t understand why people buy it! They obviously look different from original ones so one cannot even show off! Other than that the quality and shade is not perfect too… I would rather buy a cheap brand than buying a dupe of costly brand!

  11. Thank you for sharing this with me, nowdays it’s so hard to get what is real and what is fake.

  12. Oops! Fake can really harm. Unfortunately many of fakes look very original. Thanks for the alert. I ll be more careful.

  13. What you will pay, you will get that only. Fake products are very dangerous for skin. I always stay away from such fake makeup stuffs.

  14. Now a days the 1st copy and duplicate items grab the market.. Its very tough to choose the real product.. Thanks for the informative post..

  15. Very pertinent post. Markets are flooded with counterfeit products and it is difficult to distinguish real from fake. Worse is fake products on online portals these days.

  16. A valuable piece of advising and glad you picked this to post. I have seen many counterfeits easily available in the market. Just a look and no one can mark the difference, but seeing the cost one can understand the fake or real.

  17. These are eye opening pointers. I would have never made out the difference between real and fake and that can really affect the skin and the eye.

  18. Ruchi Verma says:

    This is so great to get something which can remove tan …. thanks for sharing this with us

  19. Thanks for enlightening. Didn’t know about this. It’s something we should be careful off

  20. So damn true can totally relate to your article’s theme. I have a friend who used to get such fake stuff from local Delhi markets at cheaper rates despite my advising her not to after some time she suffered from heavy breakouts on the skin for which she had to take medical help.

  21. There is a fake market for anything and everything long as there are buyers fake products will exist. hence people should boycott fake products. only then we will see some change

  22. Hey! Thanks for this information post, it would be great if you could also write about how to identify a fake apart from the price point.

  23. I am never able to identify fake or original when it comes to makuep. Thanks for sharing this post

  24. Yes, I have seen women in our area gathering around the shop that sells huda lipstick at just 20 rs! I wonder can’t they understand what a poor quality they are buying and what could be the consequences!

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