How To Play Tournaments In MPL Without Paying Any Money

Heyy Loves… I am back..!!! The gaming season is on and game is in the air..!!! Have you ever thought of earning easy PayTM cash by playing the most easy and adventurous games and that too on mobile phones? This is absolutely not a dream as this time i have something exciting in store as i am going to share something where you can earn some  tokens and handsome cash on PAYTM and that too while playing..!!!! Ab MPL Per Game Kheelo Aur Jeeto..!!! Doesn’t this sound exciting?? Wondering how? Lets begin..!!!


It’s all about MPL folks..!! MPL is a Mobile Premier League. It is a website where you Earn Money Easily By Playing Games and and win money on daily basis on MPL App. There are different games like Runner No 1, Fruit Chop, Bubble Shooter, Space Breaker etc. So this is a place where you earn cash by just playing some exciting and cool games. MPL can be termed as IPL where you play different games online with players around the world and win tournament. You have to download the app from MPL website

When you download the app and sign up you can claim 30 Tokens to begin a tournament. With these tokens you can start playing the games. You can earn this money by Paytm cash or can even directly transfer the earning to your bank account.


The app has the option of investing money and earning more cash. The entry charged for playing the tournament is Rs 5. There are tournaments going on live every time you log in. You can Make Money Fast By Playing Games and earn at any time you wish as it is always live on the app.

There are various benefits of you receive when you make an investment in the app. The more you invest your money the more chances of winning and earning cash. The earning from one investment is 10 times the amount you invest. For example if you invest Rs 15 you can earn Rs 200 which is quite a decent figure for minimum investment. Isn’t this wonderful way to earn a big amount with miniscule investment?

Also there are referral programme where in you can earn some extra cash by referring the app to your friends, family. You can share the app with your friends on social Networking sites like Facebook and Whatsapp. And when the person downloads the app from your link you get Rupees 20 in your wallet directly. You can use this cash to play the tournaments. This is really the most amazing way to earn extra bucks.

There is also a section for leaderboards where You can check out the Top Earners of MPL. This is a section where Top cash winners and top token winners are mentioned. You can check out who the list of people who earned the highest amount of cash and high numbers of tokens in the tournament.


Tournaments are very easy and real fun to play. To play a tournament just click all games section. Choose a game you like to play. Register yourself and you good to go to play a game and win easy PayTM cash and tokens.

Earnings can also be done by playing tournament. In tournaments you can even double your cash earnings by 10 times by playing games.  To play a tournament you need to click the the Games section where different games are mentioned. You can choose the game you wish to play.

Let me also show you a Secret Trick of earning extra tokens. There is also different tasks mentioned by which you can earn extra coins and play games. You can earn by completing Simple tasks like uploading profile picture, adding gender and even updating Date of birth etc for which you can earn 10 and 5 tokens.

Now invite your friends play games and Win PayTM Cash Easily by using my referral code given below. You just need to open the app and Use my code given below. So now without furthur ado download, Start playing the games and win PayTM Money on MPL App.

Hope you enjoy playing the game and earn as much as cash possible on MPL app. And do not forget to share the MPL app with your family, friends and increase their chances of winning PayTM cash by just playing simple, easy and exciting games.








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