Heyy all… Hope my lovelies are doing their best. Today i would really like to thank all my followers of my blog, my social media channels for showering so much love on my blog. I always get the lot of curious messages from followers, friends or the people who know me for that matter that how do i review a product. What actually goes in behind reviewing a product. So i thought why not make a post about it so that all my followers get to understand the idea how a review a product.

For the starters… it may look all glam and glitzy… Getting free beauty and make up products… which i am sure a lot of girls must be craving for. But trust me. It is not that easy. The whole idea behind this concept is not a cake walk for that matter. It takes a lot of mental and physical investment while creating the reviews.

  • Testing – When i receive a particular product from a brand i make sure i use the product myself. i use 2 to 3 times when it comes to beauty or hair care stuff and write honest insights about the product like what i feel as a consumer about the product.

  • Photography – Photography plays an important role when it comes to writing about products. I feel pictures tend to create the first impression about the product and it has to be worthy. I make it a point to click pictures during the day time to avoid shadows. After i am done shooting the product then comes the editing part. I use some of the photo editing apps to give pictures the more enhanced look. I love filtering my pictures which kind of helps in the setting the mood.

  • Writing – After photography comes the writing a post. While composing the blog post i write the details the brand, details about the product like its ingredients, quality, quantity, the effect of the product on my skin, how the product works for myself.

No matter what it takes i just simply love my job. Hope you all too enjoy reading this post. Do share your views in the comments below. Follow me on Instagram and do not forget to like my Facebook page. Until then stay glam and stylish. xoxo

This post is a part of blog birthday celebrations Hosted by Zainab and Geethica.



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