I Will Tell You The Truth About Influenza In The Next 60 Seconds

Heyy all.. Hope my lovelies are doing best and enjoying summer too. Summer brings us too much fun as we get to eat lots of goodies like Ice-Creams, Cold drinks etc. But with it comes some negativity too. This is the phase of the year when we all including kids tend to get ill. And the most common illness is the Influenza which we all get effected with. Influenza is commonly called as the ‘Flu’. Have you ever wondered about the truth of Influenza? Here it goes.

Influenza is the virus which is contagious and is often spread by the surfaces which are contaminated. Influenza virus is of 3 types which spread and effect people. it is Type A, Type B and Type C. Influenza can take place at any time of the year but it is actually most likely to occur during winters. The worst part is that Influenza if not taken proper care of can even lead to the death of the person. When it comes to flu majority of the parents often neglect taking it seriously and mistake it with the normal Cough Cold and fever. Pregnant ladies have the greatest chances of getting infected with Influenza and very less percentage of females get vaccinated for it.


Influenza has the most common symptoms and begin just after the person gets attacked by the virus of influenza. It all begins with the Cough, Chills, Fever and gradually goes to the body pain, back aches and even pain in the legs. Because of the common or mixed symptoms it sometimes gets difficult to diagnose Influenza in the early stages. Situation worsens when it gets difficult to distinguish between the common cold and Influenza. Some of the most common symptoms of Influenza are Runny Nose, Sore throat, Sneezing, Fever, Fatigue, Headache, Muscle pain, Watering eyes, Reddened eyes and skin. Children although have different symptoms of Influenza like vomiting, diarrhea and even abdominal pain. People even have to get bed ridden for longer period of time because of the pain and aches in their body. Influenza can have serious hazards on the health of pregnant women so ensure that they are vaccinated with the vaccine recommended by doctors.


It is always said that prevention is better than cure. This saying 100% goes with the case of influenza. When it comes to influenza vaccination is the first and foremost thing which should not be skipped. There are some daily routine hygiene activities which when followed can help keeping Influenza at bay. Basic activity like washing hands on regular basis and covering your mouth while coughing get rid of the germs of influenza. Moreover some points need to be kept in mind to prevent Influenza from attacking you.

  • Clean your hands with soap and water to prevent germs.
  • When you visit sick person maintain a distance while interacting with them to protect yourself from getting sick.
  • Cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing.
  • ¬†Use hand sanitizers while visiting public places.
  • School kids should be vaccinated before the start of their a academic year to prevent from getting infected.
  • Eat healthy and nutritious food. Drink plenty of water. Have a good sleep.



Getting treated the right way is really important for the Influenza infected persons. Necessary medical actions need to be taken like Paracetamol tablets to be consumed to get relief from muscular pain and fever. Avoid giving particular kind of medicine called Asprin to children as it can lead to severe liver disease. Proper Anti-Viral medicines should be taken in the early stages of Influenza to prevent the condition from worsening. Moreover as a precaution Pregnant females should take the vaccine of Influenza as recommended by doctors.

Hope you all find reading this post helpful. Do share your thoughts and views about Influenza and any information or queries with me in the comments section below as i always love to hear from my followers. Until then stay tuned for exciting stuff. Follow me on my social media channels for more updates. xoxo


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  1. Well we cant say we haven’t been duly warned, had a pretty bad influenza experience.. Hope to never go true that again or anyone for that matter. Thanks for sharing.

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