Myglamm Colour Fusion Plumping Lipstick + Plumping Lipgloss: All That Glam?

Heyy loves…Hope you all the enjoying the life as much as i am. This month for me is all about getting dolled up and attending events and family functions. Then enters is tons of make up products including lipsticks. My love for lipsticks is just on another level. I am the huge fan of liquid lipsticks which turn matte. I specially love nude shades. But that doesn’t mean i don’t like creamy finished lipsticks. I love that too. One such brand i came across and which has impressed me on an another level is MYGLAMM. This is truly a brand for me which you need to give a try.

No matter.. how much the liquid matte lip colours are in vogue but we girls never fail to make a space for creamy finished ones too. We always have to go that extra mile to find that perfect lip color which stays long, doesn’t end up drying lips. The MYGLAMM Colour Fusion Lipstick has delivered to me what it promises. The The formula this lipstick holds is rich and has a creamy texture. It gives that really soft velvety look to the lips and is completely lightweight on the lips.
Now comes the glossy part. Same is the case with the gloss too. Gloss too provides that noticeable sheen, texture and importantly as it claims make lips look plump too. Gloss is just too comfortable on lips. It gives that defined look and really make you feel good about your lips. The gloss doesn’t dry out lips

MYGLAMM Colour Fusion really wins my heart when it comes to longetivity. But it kind of fades after eating and drinking ( I was wearing this lipstick at the recent wedding function). But never forget the beautiful stain it leaves behind. Which is what makes it worth.
This gorgeous Colour Fusion Plumping Lipstick + Plumping Lip Gloss is priced at 995.00 INR. You can buy it from HERE.

The MYGLAMM Colour Fusion has 8 really unique shades from ranging from everyday to brights and even bold shades too. The shade which i own is Mystique 003. It is perfect for both day and night out. Perfect office wear kind and even the evening function kind. Plumping lipstick is the burnt peach shade and Plumping Lip Gloss is a nude shade. It is a neutral pop of color for the day time and the gloss for the night time.

The fact that i love about this brand is it makes lipsticks completely free from Paraben, Preservatives, Mineral oils, Nano ingredients, D5, and even Animal derived ingredients. It is Dermatological Tested and moreover it is not tested on animals and is totally cruelty free. The most impressive ingredient this lipstick contains is Spilanthes Acmella Extract which gives elasticity to the lips and even pushes up the natural collagen. Let me also mention you that the Plumping word is not just used for the name sake as this lipstick is made using the MICRO VECTOR PLUMPING SYSTEM and the WET PIGMENT TECHNOLOGY which instantly gives the effect of plump lips after the application of the lipstick.


MYGLAMM Colour Fusion comes packed in highly sophisticated lipstick case with lipstick on one side and the gloss on the other. The gloss tube is transparent where you can actually see the colour of the gloss with the white cover on the lipstick. I really liked the combo of white and golden as it makes the lipstick look really classy. The gloss applicator is very easy to use and just the right quantity of gloss is required for the lips.

I start by applying from the center of the lips move outwards and then i fill the edges with with lip liner starting from the corner to the center of the lips. Then for the sheer and plump looking lips i directly apply the Gloss. As of gloss is concerned i start by applying Colour Fusion Lip Gloss to the cupids bow and mark the ‘V’ and then i apply to the rest of the lips for that gorgeous look.






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I am absolutely in love with the this cutie. Dual product for the price of 1. It is totally my kind of shade as i belong to the family of nude shade lipstick lovers. It is a perfect evening wear lipstick for me. stays long and leaves a beautiful stain behind. I even top up the lipstick with the gloss sometimes which really gives the gorgeous output… (or should i say the pout?) Alright… a gorgeous pout for that matter. I highly recommend it to the lipstick lovers like me and is truly a must have in your make up kit as well. Go grab your your duo now.
Hope you like reading the reviews. Do share your thoughts, Views and queries in the comment section below as i love to hear from my followers. For more updates on latest fashion and beauty don’t forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM. Also find me on FACEBOOK.
Until then stay stylish and stay glam and do whatever you wanna do..!!!!! xoxo

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  1. Shubhada Bhide says:

    This plumping lipstick looks really gorgeous. I love the shade of it. and very handy because of its 2 in 1.

  2. I love lipsticks…and especially matte lipsticks…this post was such a delightful read. Thank you for writing the review. I will surely look out for the product on my next shopping spree. Keep Writing 🙂

  3. Nice Review. Happy To Rad And Know About New Products In The Cosmetic World.

  4. i have never used these products, but after reading your review, and knowing what a great product this is, i am enticed to purchase it !

  5. This brand is new…will try for sure

  6. MyGlamm looks like a perfect brand and these plumping lipstick is way to good. Love the shade. #AlexaTheIncredible #womenbloggerwb

  7. Nisha Malik says:

    I am new to the brand and it’s products. The 2 in 1 lip product is quite catchy.

  8. My glamm colour vision is just wow, I should say!! Great shades.

  9. Your review got me tempted to try this brand. Loved the shades. I love nudes too.

  10. Awesome products.. I never this brand but really want to try it..

  11. Papri Ganguly says:

    I like this nude shade, but I feel that the color doesn’t stay that long and the quality is not as high as its price.

  12. I have tested a lot of MyGlamm products and I am really impressed with their range. Its great quality and multifunctional.

  13. rashimital says:

    Lipsticks are my weakness too. Just love them like anything. and yes recently have developed a taste for nude shades. However, glossy lipsticks don’t really stay on my lips and smudge soon. 🙁 Any solution for this?

  14. Lipsticks are my weakness and when that is free from chemicals will be the must buy for me.

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  16. I have read some good reviews about this brand. The lip shade is good, I think work well for office goers!

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