Simplest Guide To Choose Your FIRST New Car

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Heyy yaa folks..Hope you are doing best for yourself. These days i am on a high as my birthday is just around the corner. Only 2 months left…Yes i am an April baby. A Ram. Fiery, Adventurous and what not. So to match my Arian traits this birthday i thought of gifting myself  something which gives me an adrenaline rush. TAAADAAA….A New Car..Yes.. This is what i thought of gifting myself. Sounds Pretty naa? Buying a new car for yourself  may be quiet pretty a thing but in practical it is not. Mind you as it involves quiet a lot of homework and hassles which we actually need to go through before we get a brand new car delivered at our doorstep. So i thought of sharing my experience and some tips and tricks to follow before you finally book your own car. Simple guide always helps in taking better decisions. And my this compilation will surely help you choose the best car for yourself.

  • SIZE

Choosing the right size is the first and very important point which you cannot afford to ignore when you think of getting a car. Size matters when it comes to cars. Choose a car which is roomy, gives you enough space and is comfortable to drive. Never go for fancy sports cars if you have a family of four. Buying a 2 door car is a sheer waste of money if you have a family.  


used car
The term used may not sound very pleasing as we all want our first car to be the brand new one. But trust me used cars also make a good option if you are buying a car for the first time. Used cars too can give us a good value. Avoid buying a car which has been rough used and check it by experts before buying a used car. One such place where you can check out the whole range of new and used cars options is They have a good range on offer where you can get the value for your money.


Whenever you make a mind of getting a car you need to make some researches on factors like efficiency, Performance, Models etc. is the answer for all your car related queries. Budget plays an important role when we need to make purchases which are costly like a car. Make sure you don’t neglect other important day to day requirements by ending up investing more than your pockets could take care off.


Reviews is something really important which we need to go through before we decide to buy the stuff. Reviews helps us in giving the insights on how the stuff is. Getting reviews about the car is too really important before to jump on getting a car. Check out as this is a one stop place where the expert team of reviewers will help you with the different models and insights about the cars.


test drive
Never a skip the test drive for the car which you are supposed to purchase. Test drive will help you whether to opt for that particular car or not. Being behind the wheel will give you a practical idea about the working and performance of the car.
Hope you find this post helpful in opting the better car for yourself. Share your thoughts, views and queries about the post in the comments section below as i always love to hear from my followers.
Until then stay stylish and stay glam as i always put it. Stay tuned to my blog for much such exciting stuff. xoxo

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  1. This website sounds good for all the ones searching for good cars..

  2. sounds like a great place to read and know about cars. Great tips. Thanks!

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  6. Such an important piece of information …..thanks for sharing this with us

  7. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan says:

    Research is very important before choosing a car that suits your family needs. Size of car the space inside the car, safety features it offers are most important. Cars. Com offers the best deals.

  8. When we choose a car, we wanted to be sure it’s a city car.
    Great tips firdaus

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  13. Buying a new car is very big responsibility.I liked that you shared so much info.Test driving is a very big clue to driving comfort.

  14. These tips are so helpful for those who are gonna buy Car for the first time..

  15. preety85 says:

    Nice post… It will surely help new car buyers to choose best one.

  16. These are nice suggestions! Test driving a ride and being sure about the budget helps us buying a good car.

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  19. Papri Ganguly says:

    These are some good points to remember when buy a new car

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