Heyy all…Hope you all are doing well. Its festive season around and all the shor sharaba is in the air. 🙂 This is the season about wearing fancy designer clothes, designer make up, Showing the best of your hair and skin as well. We need to take utmost care of our skin to flaunt the best of us during such times. We get too lazy some times to even apply as miniscule as something called moisturizer. So today i would be sharing some easy peasy routine which you can follow before Navratri and you will be good to go.

  • Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing

Cleansing is the key to get fresh and glowing skin. Our skin must be cleansed right at the start of the morning to rid of dirt, oil, Leftover make up and even dead cells. You should choose a good quality cleanser according to your skin type and weather. You can even make some DIY cleansers at home using basic ingredients from your pantry like Turmeric, milk, Olive oil, Honey etc. Wash your face at least 3 times a day ie- Morning, Evening and before going to bed. Toning is also a very important function when it comes to skin care. Use a good quality toner available in the market. Use a oil balancing toner if you have an oily skin. After toning comes the moisturizing part. Moisturize your face with day creams and night creams accordingly and see the magic On the D – Day.

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliation is an essential step in the skin care routine. You should exfoliate your skin twice a week to get rid of the dead cells, blackheads and even whiteheads. exfoliation gives a glow and smooth finish and glow to your skin. It also removes the dull and dead layer of your skin giving you a refreshed look. You can even your Powdered Masoor dal with milk to exfoliate. You should also be extra cautious during winters because this may remove the excess oil making it dry and dull. Use a good scrub which will give you the good results.


Face packs helps in brightening and boosting the glow of your face. You can make some DIY face packs at home which are cruelty free, vegan and healthy. It wont harm or damage your skin in the long run. You can use egg whites, milk, Olive oil to prepare your face pack at home. Use face packs after exfoliating your skin so that face packs penetrate inside your skin and your gives that much needed glow and soothes your skin.


Sunscreen are really little saviors which protects skin from harsh UV rays and saves skin getting damaged. You sunscreen regularly and you will surely notice the difference. There are many brands available in the market which does the job. Choose your sunscreen carefully according to your skin type. You can get facials done once a month at parlours. This skin care ritual can be followed throughout the year to get that radiant and glowing skin.
Hope you find this post helpful for this festive season. Do share your opinion and views about this post in the comments section below as i always love to hear from my followers. Until then stay stylish and be glam. Stay tunes to my blog as some exciting stuff is on its way. xoxo
This post is in collaboration with #navratrihoppers Navratri day blog train. This is all about ways to celebrate Dusshera/Durgapuja/navrtri. it will have a series of blog post by most versatile bloggers.
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  1. Great post! Skin care is very essential during festivals. We eat out of routine and oily things, put make up..everything takes a toll on our skin. Thanks for sharing your tips. Will keep in mind.

  2. Helpful post to make our skin festive ready

  3. Happy Navratri!
    Yes, these 3 steps are essential, and we forget them often in our rush of daily lives! This post is just in time to remind us to take care of ourselves and our skins as we gear up for the festivities!

  4. This was so helpful and very much needed! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I never believed in the importance of sunscreen till i suffered from skin burns. Loved the detailed and informative post,

  6. That’s the perfect and effective skin care routine to follow the festive season

  7. So agree exfoliation works great to rejuvenate skin. Along with toning and using a clay mask keeps oil at bay.
    Thank you for sharing

  8. Wow such great tips you have shared just at the right time. Thanks

  9. That’s an amazing write up..all the essential tips are helpful.

  10. Trystwithvanillagirl says:

    Good skincare is most important prerequisite for glowing skin. Amazing tips


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