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Looking for the latest saree trends for ongoing 2017 wedding season? Here’s a post to help your saree trend hunt.
Saree is the most alluring garment on any woman. This is known for its versatility and flexibility to suit any occasion. The nine yard fabric can be easily worn on many occasions like offices, weddings, parties or even college farewells. But, modern women prefer to wear a saree only for parties & special occasions. Wearing, draping, tucking, layering can sometimes make it difficult to wear and unmanageable. But it’s totally worth the effort when you finish your look with perfect makeup and accessories to look glamorous. Hence, saree will always remain to be the most iconic clothing throughout the world. Saris are the oldest Indian attires and their fashion never seem to cease. There have been constant innovation in the saree style, patterns and trend to make it more comfortable.  

Here are a few Designer Saree Trends For 2017 Summer Wedding that will help you choose the best and stay trendy.

1. Colored Pleated Sarees

Contrast pallus ruled the fashion trend last year and 2017 marks the entry of Colored Pleated Sarees. This saree trend has pleats in a dissimilar or contrasting colors unlike the saree. The pallu are different, 3rd color or of the same color as a sari. Embellished Colored Pleated Sarees are perfect for the occasions like weddings or parties or day events.

2. Sheer & Opaque Saree

Sheer drapes add a very feminine & sexy look to your outfit. Translucent and totally sheer have been in fashion since few years, but this combination of Sheer & Opaque is hitting the market. Either the pallu or saree is opaque or vice a versa. This artistic and glamourous designer sarees trend can leave you the center of attraction for everyone. Forget that perfect figure and flaunt this Sheer & Opaque Saree to show the best of you!

3. Ombre Sarees

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How many of you own ombre dupattas and ombre lehengas? Now, it’s time to shop for an ombre saree! This is trending for its colorful style, but choosing ombre color shades can be a bit tricky.  Ombre Sarees are vibrant, bold and look appealing for its different hues of same color.

4. Lace Sarees

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With sheer, this year is also observing lace saree trend. This is the most timelessly and classic sari trend, just like your favorite LBD. Own them at least one in your closet to create an effortless glitzy. Delicate look and intricate weaves of lace sarees adds an elegance and sophistication that makes it very popular. Make sure to wear the perfect blouse underneath like satin to complement your lace saris soft texture.

5. Saree Gown or Lehenga Saree

Saree Gown or Lehenga Saree is the best amalgamation of the fusion wear. The outfit itself is a statement and needs vey less accessories. Saree Gown does not have a pallu and is styled as a saree. This makes it more manageable, especially for the young generation who find draping and wrapping difficult.
Designer Lehenga sarees have become popular for occasions like engagement or special events. This makes a very bold statement with its layered styles.

6. Border Sarees

Border Sarees are considered evergreen and broad bordered saree have made a comeback in 2017.  From the demure Banarasi saree, sophisticated Kanjeevaram silk saree or even gold net sari, borders add a more classic look. For the young generation, Border Sarees now come with silk appliqué borders, sequin, gota patti, or metallic.
or even gold net sari, borders add a more classic look. For the young generation, Border Sarees now come with silk appliqué borders, sequin, gota patti, or metallic.

7. Concept Sarees & Pre-Draped

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They are the hottest saree trend of 2017! These pre-draped can be easily worn in a many different and unique ways. They look fantastic with contrasting colors & different fabrics.

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Here were 7 Designer Saree Trends for 2017 Summer Wedding. Do let us know your favorite!

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