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Heyy yaa all my lovelies….This time i am back with something that we all girls love talking about…Well…its a lingerie talk. Yes we would be talking about a very well known and a famous lingerie brand called CANDYSKIN. Few days ago i got invited by this brand for a bloggers meet conducted at LUCA- Bar and Kitchen at Lower Parel, Mumbai where we all had this lingerie chat. Discussed the information, myths and misconceptions which we all always have but shy away from talking about it. So without a much ado lets get into what this lingerie brand CANDYSKIN is all about.

                                                     ABOUT THE BRAND

CANDYSKIN is a luxury and high end lingerie brand which made its foray into Indian market with their unmatched and high quality collection which gives Women a chance to flaunt their inner selves and also makes them feel delicious. (Go on reading this post and you will definitely get to know how you feel delicious). As a part of PR package i received this really cute and beautiful neon pink coloured seamless panty.

                                                              SIZING AND FIT

Seamless lingerie are very much in vogue these days and really look so beautiful that you cant stop yourself from a feeling to flaunt them. CANDYSKIN lingerie is the most figure friendly brand i came across. I recieved this cute neon pink coloured panty in small size. Small size CANDYSKIN lingerie is available in various sizes like Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. The waistband laid well on my hips giving the perfect coverage even though being a low rise. As compared to ordinary panties or brands i use this panty was a perfect fit for my size. This is quiet my kind of undie as it is a pop of a pretty neon pink colour which i specially loved as i am quiet a fan of neon colours. I could easily move around, bend over really well given the perfect construction this panty has. If you are looking for a panty that gives you coverage and dramatically sexy look then this is the brand for you.

                                                 MATERIAL AND DESIGN

CANDYSKIN is known for its superior quality and craftsmanship and are sewn to the standards of perfection..This sexy and funky looking undie is designed using imported nylon/spandex and elastane fabric which fits and smoothes out hips really well. Fabric used in the making of this is panty is really soft and comfortable against the skin and there were no signs of distraction or itchiness caused because of the fabric. The microfiber body gives a really bold and stunning look which is sure to get you noticed. It also has a cotton fabric used in the lining area which gives a remarkable comfort when worn. The fabric used in the making is so comforting and easy on skin that you can go office to after hours with real ease and zero discomfort. Given the kind of seamless panty this is i was a bit worried about the fabric being torn or worn out, but this was not the case even being washed in the machine. But usually i prefer giving lingerie a hand wash be it a bra or even a panty because somehow the shape of the lingerie destroy giving it a ill fit when worn the next time.

                                                 AVAILABILITY AND PRICE

CANDYSKIN holds a place for itself  in the category to get designer lingerie at reasonable amount. This neon pink panty is priced at Rupees 550.00. You can buy this chic looking and colourful panty from HERE

                                                                  MY VIEWS

Seamless panty from CANDYSKIN is sure to be a savior for myself as i could comfortably flaunt a body hugging dress or even skirts as curve lines didn’t show up like we usually get when we wear a ordinary panty. This is a must have lingerie piece which i think every girl should own in her wardrobe. You can style up this cute panty with a see through beach cover up when you are holidaying on a beach as this lovely neon panty will surely create a style statement. I have personally become a fan of CANDYSKIN as it gives you a chance of flaunting your ass sans compromising on comfort. 10/10 for this little package of both comfort and trend.
LIBERENT: Transition From Fitting In To Standing Out
So my lovelies have you tried CANDYSKIN or any other brand which makes you feel super duper comfortable do share your thoughts about it in the comment section below as i always love to hear from you all my lovely followers. So all you fellas out there go hit the website in the link given above and have fun shopping these neon delicious dollops of CANDYSKIN. Hope you find this post helpful the next time you go lingerie shopping. Don’t forget to tune in next time as there is something really exciting coming your way in a while. Until the next time stay stylish and stay glam.
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  1. Is it available online across other e-commerce platforms?
    A very detailed and well speculated review

  2. Wow! The lingerie looks so chic. Would love to try out soon.

    1. You should try this brand sometime. You will find really exciting pieces on its Website.

  3. This lingerie looks so chic.

  4. himanju23 says:

    Love your review dear and pictures too.. After your post I am heading to this website only 🙂

  5. henajose says:

    I am hearing about this product for the first time. Looks comfortable, though its prized high. But then curve lines dont show up like regular ones, then probably we need to explore this product.

  6. I loved the pictures. I am sure this brand will get many customers after your review. ?

  7. I really like this neon pink colour of this panty. Its price is fine for me also. Its looks so comfortable and soft too. Looks like have elastic material .Is there any other colour available too.

  8. I have been looking out for new lingerie brands to explore and this one seems like a perfect one to try

  9. I love Seamless lingeries. Thank you for sharing this. I will surely try them

  10. Looks like an amazing brand.. will try it for sure.. thanks for sharing

  11. Nisha Malik says:

    Wow, really pretty and comfy.. But the brand is new to me…

  12. Shub says:

    Just yesterday saw it on your Insta and I loved the Color. Seamless is the best thing I would say.

  13. Papri Ganguly says:

    I like seamless lingeries. Heading over to brands website.

  14. Is it available online? It seems really awesome!

  15. Wow… This is looking damn sexy and you have described everything in so detail… Will check out the site for sure…

  16. Hey.. Where do I get this from… Looks very comfy and chic

  17. lingerie looks cozy and comfortable love the pink colour

  18. Affordable lingerie.. Okay that is a website that must be checked out!

  19. This looks like a great product. Lingerie should fit right to feel right thank you for sharing and introducing the brand to the readers.

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  21. newsontube says:

    looked good
    hope the stuff is soft

  22. Yes! I so needed a new brand of lingerie. So bored with all those there were!

  23. i love the colour!! It is soo soooo unusual!! would love to try this brand out.

  24. I’m a big fan of seamless lingerie. It’s so much comfortable yet stylish.

  25. Waiting to get my hands on it soon.

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