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Hello all..hope my lovelies are doing best. Today i have something exciting for my followers unlike what i always share with you about beauty products, Brand reviews etc. So today its about this very essential and lovely thing called ‘Daily planner’.
BUTTERLY YOURS is a brand which deals in cute and quirky daily planners and i am really in awe of their so called ‘BHASAD PLANNER’. Mr Dinesh Bhasin is the founder of the brand BUTTERLY YOURS and it was his brain child the much coveted BHASAD PLANNER is so popular with the youth now. And now the icing on the cake… it was personalized for me (beaming with joy). It was a  really overwhelming experience when i unboxed the package to find a quirky personalized BHASAD PLANNER for myself.

As you guys know I really love pinks and pastels my personalized BHASAD PLANNER is cute pink in colour.  So here’s a review for you guys to know what this unheard BHASAD PLANNER is all about.

If you guys like me are a solid planner obsessed then this is the space for you. BHASAD PLANNER is the one for you if

  1. If you have a lot going into your daily routine ( like me). Are incredibly busy and cannot focus on your goals and plans which you need to achieve like really damn.. No matter what..!!!! Now… My this very expression to make you understand how important a task is to achieve means ‘BHASAD’ basically a Delhi slang for urgent and also important. ( As the case may be).
  2. If you like quirky and out of the box things.
  3.  If your daily routine activities fits into one page.

BHASAD PLANNER is neatly planned and structured into different sections depending on how important and urgent your task is to achieve which helps you stay on track.

  • BHASAD (urgent and important) in a Delhi slang is a section to note down all your urgent and very important tasks which you cannot afford to ignore at any cost.
  • O TERI KI ( Important not urgent) Tasks which are important but can be done at any time of the day.
  • BHAINS KI AANKH is a section made to note down tasks which are urgently needed to be done right at that particular but are not important.
  • DEKH LENGE YAAR is a very my kind of a section as it includes tasks which are not important as well as are not urgent to be done right at the time.
  • At the very end of the page it has a space for Date to note down.

Other things about the BHASAD PLANNER you need to know.

COVER- BHASAD PLANNER is designed using a sturdy and hard cardboard covered with faux leather which gives it a really sophisticated look. Also if you have creative juices like me you can do some artistic designs on it, stick some really cool and quirky stickers on the cover, or even make some doodles over the cover using sketch pens. ( i have even started collecting some quirky cabochons to decorate my cutie planner).

                                                                      THE BEST

  • The BHASAD PLANNER is personalized planner with your name engraved on the cover. you can customize it with your name engraved with silver ink on the cover.
  • I like the quality of pages as a really good and thick quality paper is used in the making of this BHASAD PLANNER which is really important for a planner to have. Very well sectioned and planned to note down tasks accordingly.
  • This planner is available in gorgeous colours like Pink, Yellow, Green, Black .
  • The other side of the pages are blank which you can use to note some extra points or notes. Or even you can doodle on the blank side if you are creative enough.
  • I am really obsessed with its look. The bonding is really amazing. The stitching done for the cover is up to the mark.
  • Easy to carry as it fits really well into my small bag which i use on daily basis.
  • This planner has approximately 150 pages which you can use for atleast 6 months. (if you use this planner daily without fail).
  • You can replace it with your own little set of papers once you have fully used this planner as the planner is easily detachable from the cover.


  • I really wish it had more sections like monthly planning etc. nevertheless i am in love with my personalized planner.

PRICE:- Given the cool and out of the box daily planner you saw above you may come to an idea that this could be a really costly planner but that’s not the case as this cool and funky looking planner is just priced for Rupees 349.00 only.


Basically a cool daily planner with out of the box and quirky planner is truly a winner for me as it has all the qualities, looks and features to make an unorganized man into a dangerously organized man or say a girl like me for that  matter. 🙂 4.5 stars to this lovely BHASAD PLANNER.

You can order this BHASAD PLANNER and more such funky and trendy things from HERE. Also it is available on major shopping websites like and

Hope you all liked this BHASAD PLANNER review, Leave you queries and feedback in the comment section below as i always love to hear from my followers. Until then as i always say stay glam and stay stylish. xoxo


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