LAKME 9 to 5 Eyeliner Review

Hello Friends…I am back..Ta-da… Finally managed to sit back and do something which I have been longing to do since a very long time. It’s the on going wedding season.. and keeping in mind to try different make up looks i bought this felt 9 to 5 Eyeliner from Lakme to try out this winged eyeliner look.

I wanted this felt eyeliner pen since a long time and finally got one. It’s a 9 to 5 range eyeliner from Lakme. It is the most trusted Indian brand that has the widest range of cosmetics ranging from lipsticks to eye makeups to foundations etc.
As the name suggests 9 to 5 range from Lakme is known to stay for a longer period of time. And this felt eyeliner really does the justice to its name. It is the most easy eyeliner to apply because of its felt tip. Perfect for winged eyeliner look. The most non fussy eyeliner unlike the brush eyeliner which are available in the market. For some reason I really don’t like using brush eyeliner as it tends to smudge while applying.

Eyeliners are the most must have make up tool in your make up kit. As perfect eye makeup really does the trick. And this felt eyeliner wins the game.
The best part which i like about this eyeliner is that it has the jet black colour which most eyeliners lack of have and does not end up giving the desired result. This eyeliner gives out the most perfect winged look. Also this eyeliner is the one which is not only non smudging but also stays for the longer hours of time. Perfect eyeliner for office wear or a night out with friends.
As of cons are concerned about this product i didn’t really find one as it is most easy to use and also most easy to handle.
I purchased this eyeliner from stalls selling branded cosmetic so I got this for Rupees 100.00 (did bargain with the seller) which is not too costly for a Lovely product like this one. 10 on 10 for this lovely product.
So I am really enjoying this phase of applying wings on my eyes. Do share your experiences and thoughts about this post in the comment section below. Hope you find this review helpful.
until next time this is me signing off…xoxo

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  1. I too want to buy it! ? Didn’t know it is this affordable! Thank You for sharing ?

    1. Yes it’s affordable and even the quality is good @womenandbeautyblogger 🙂

  2. i love this one too. beause i feel its worth the price

  3. The product is fabulous.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is such an affordable option. I would have loved if there was a pic with ur eye makeup wid this .

  5. Hey I am not very happy with some other products from this range and hence was skeptical to try this but seems like a nice product and affordable too.
    Will try
    Thank you for sharing

  6. I always wanted to know about this eyeliner! Thank you!!

  7. Lakme is one of my fav brands the review looks promising, thanks for the share

  8. where cam I buy this from? I can’t find it on nykaa 🙁

  9. lakme 9 to 5 range is great value for money

  10. lakme’s entire range is wonderful. This one looks promising too,

  11. Wow!! You did a great bargain. Didn’t know that Lakme has liner pens too. I am using other brands currently but would love to try it.

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