BEANSTALK & LEAVES: Find Your Soulmate Blend

Hey yaaa folks… I am back with something that most of you are addict and i am sure our mornings and evenings are incomplete sans it. well..lets skip the guessing game as i am talking about this baby called as Coffee. Something that comes to our mind after hearing the word coffee is aroma. As i am writing this post i am filled with the divine aroma from cuppa none other than BEANSTALK & LEAVES. Sometimes i feel finding your perfect blend is much like finding your soulmate. You need to have that compatibility with your blend. Only then you will feel life is complete and beautiful after that cuppa of a coffee. And i found that soulmate blend with BEANSTALK & LEAVES.

BEANSTALK & LEAVES is a brand curated by two chaps Vivek Ramnani and Ashish Gyan who are coffee addict and make efforts to provide affordable, and classic quality blends to their consumers. They have composed three different blends of filter coffee with simplicity and depth. I got the chance to taste all three of their blends.  Below is an overview of these coffee blends. i am not a coffee connoisseur but i can give you reviews of tastes like the one.


You don’t need to be a coffee connoisseur to understand blends from BEANSTALK & LEAVES as they have described it in a very unusual and casual way to their consumers. SMOOTH OPERATOR is described as a blend that will transform you into a smooth killer type fellow which also makes you feel smooth as well. Sounds unusual naa?.  It is a pure and blended coffee powder whose aroma just uplifts your mood instantly. SMOOTH OPERATOR is a heavy bodied blend which makes it rich coffee. I simply love the accent carried by SMOOTH OPERATOR. Mind you this is not an instant coffee. It is a filter coffee powder which is prepared unlike usual instant coffee powder brands available in the market. Filter coffees are prepared using hot water. You can use milk and sugar according to your taste buds as some people prefer having it without milk and sugar. though i am not one of them. I prefer my blends with milk and sugar. You just have to brew it for not more than 3 to 4 minutes only.  BEANSTALK AND LEAVES coffee powder is packed in an attractive black coloured zip lock pouches making it a very user friendly. zip lock seals strong flavor, freshness and aroma. It is priced at Rupees 295.00 for a packet of 250 grams of coffee powder.


Some coffee blends are nutty in taste as this one called as VELVET DEW. It contains chicory. Chicory is mixed with coffee powder to improve its potency. A hint of nut in the cup makes VELVET DEW a perfect blend. Accent of VELVET DEW  really makes it stand out from the rest. I feel it has a balanced flavor from the rest of the blends. It is perfect blend for that lazy Sunday mornings. A total non fussy and easy going blend to start your day. It is a medium body blend perfect for people who do not prefer that dark coffee. It leaves velvety taste in your mouth which is really soothing. VELVET DEW truly has that calming effect on mind after that hard day of work. VELVET DEW also has its packing done in zip lock pouches to retain the flavor and aroma of the coffee powder. It is also a filter blend and has to be prepared like one. Brew VELVET DEW for for only 2 to 3 minutes. VELVET DEW is priced at Rupees 355.00 for a 250 grams of pouch.


SHOTGUN is a blend for people who prefer that dark and strong flavors from their coffee. As heavy as its name Shotgun is heavy in its body unlike VELVET DEW  and SMOOTH OPERATOR making it a thick variant. This blend is perfect for work afternoons for that much required kick. It has that sharp taste which makes coffee taste like a coffee. In other words it is a complex flavor. I love the strong aroma that SHOTGUN carries. SHOTGUN is a much defined blend unlike VELVET DEW and SMOOTH OPERATOR. A high noted blend i must say. Overall it a macho blend for macho people. SHOTGUN is to be brewed for 3 to 4 minutes of time. SHOTGUN too is packed in a similar zip lock pouch way like VELVET DEW and SMOOTH OPERATOR helping retain its freshness for a longer time.   It is priced at Rupees 335.00 for a 250 grams of packet.

According to me it would be total injustice if i choose to pick just one as my favorite blend because each blend has its role to play on depending upon the mood. But i would give preference to VELVET DEW because of its body, aroma, acidity and accent. It is much my kind of a blend that i would prefer having on that lazy day. In other words my comfort blend has to be VELVET DEW.
Like me You too can buy your soulmate blend on various famous shopping websites like etc. Hit their website to experience that magic of caffeine. Find BEANSTALK & LEAVES on Instagram. Share your views about BEANSTALK & LEAVES and their blends in the comment box below as i love to hear from my folks and followers.
Until then enjoy Mumbai winters 2016, life, fashion, and whatever you wish to enjoy 🙂 🙂 And of course coffee.. This is me signing off till the next post.. xoxo

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  1. Amazing pics of bean stalk and leaves with varied texture.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. amazing pictures, and loved the review as well. The product looks to be preium

  3. newsontube says:

    Nice product
    And u r very true finding ur perfect blend is like finding ur soulmate

  4. I am not a Coffee fan but the way you describe the product, makes me to have it.

  5. I am a sucker for coffee..will surely try this ??

  6. It is so real! The way you write I can understand what it will be like! Thank you!!

  7. Wow I’m.not a coffee drinker bit these varieties make me feel like having a cup. New brand thank you for introducing.


  9. Nice writeup and nice pics. Hopefully the coffee is also as refreshing as mentioned ?

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