FIX DERMA: All The Flavor Of Being A Teenage

Heyy.. All my girlies..hope you are enjoying the on going festivities and our Indian style Dhoom Dhadakaa… 🙂 Festivals brings in the colours and country seems to be in the vibrant best. As we speak of is the time when we need to look best and beautiful to match up to those vibrant vibes of the festivals. And fashion begins with the skin care specially when it comes to the TEENAGE SKIN. Teenage is a part of time when  body begins to mature in preparation for adulthood, the skin must also adjust to a number of factors, including hormones, which significantly changes its structure and function. Teenagers go through a number of complicated issues with skin and its high time when they need to take care of it. And the right skin care range of products does the trick. We usually get skin care products which are specially curated either for infants or for adults. But off late i came across a brand FIX DERMA which is specially and specifically designed for teenage skin.

FIX DERMA is a brand which is committed to curate high quality skin care products for teenagers that ranges from Face Care, Hair Care, Body Care, Hygiene Washes, Sunscreens and Foot Care.  Until few years there was no concept as a such skin care range tor teenagers but FIX DERMA is one scientifically advanced brand which has curated natural and organic skin care keeping the teen skin on mind.  let us have a look at the range of products that i received from FIX DERMA.


Our hands are that delicate part of the body which easily gets damaged by the number of activities they go through. Also weather and pollution play a vital role in causing harm and making it all dry, dull and chapped. TEENLICIOUS HAND CREAM is specially formulated that provides moisture and much needed nourishment to our hands. This Moist and Mellow hand cream is packed with natural ingredients like SHEA BUTTER, VITAMIN E and POMEGRANATE and VANILLA EXTRACT which makes it a really ideal skin care product for teenagers. It also contains other ingredients like Aqua, Seed Oil, Jojoba esters etc. It has a rich and quick absorbing formula which makes skin soft, smooth and healthy. This hand cream is a ultra light and non greasy white cream consistency which heals the dryness and make our hands delicate illuminating. It is suitable for both boys and girls to use. You need to have a small pea sized amount onto hands and massage all over until it is fully absorbed. Make it a part of your daily skin care routine and feel the difference within few days. TEENLICIOUS HAND CREAM is packed in a handy tube which does not let the cream drip. You can even carry it on your outdoor trips as it is quite handy to carry around. The most loving part of this cream is its Sweet and fruity fragrance which is very soothing and gives a calming effect. This amazing MOIST and MELLOW HAND CREAM is priced at ₹ 210.00 for a tube of 60 grams.


Cleansing play an important role in the routine of skin care which we follow. And getting the right kind of cleansing solution which suits your skin requirement really does the trick specially if it is a teenage skin. Teenage skin is too sensitive and needs the most attention. TEENLICIOUS CASHMERE CARE FACE WASH is the solution which is formulated keeping the teen skin in mind. It contains the right kind of natural ingredients like Apple fruit extracts, Aloevera and Allantoin. Other than these ingredients it also has Castor oil, Aqua, Glycerol etc. It easily removes dirt, oil and grime which harms our skin and makes it looking dull and pale. This miraculous CASHMERE CARE face wash has the right amount of cleansing properties which sweeps away all the dirt, impurities, pollution and gives that much needed moisture and glow which we all girls crave for. It is suitable for persons with normal skin to oily skin. I have made it a part of my daily skin care regime which has made my skin radiant and has brought sheen on my face. Have a pea sized amount of this face wash, apply it on wet face, massage in circular motions for not more than 3 minutes and wash it off. This face wash has a thick red creamy texture unlike other face washes available in the market which are sometimes not up to the mark. It has a lovely sweet fruity fragrance which I absolutely adore. It is priced at Rupees for a tube of


Moisturizing is an essential step when it comes to the skin care routine. Moisturizing our skin well after cleansing is very important as it prevents the skin from drying and provides nourishment to our skin. The SUNSHINE GIRL from FIX DERMA is a heavenly skin care day cream which is specially formulated for teenagers containing natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Aloevera, Vitamin E, Vitamin F, Hyaluronic Acid, Aqua. Hyaluronic Acid is known to have properties which makes skin radiant. The main advanced feature about this SUNSHINE GIRL DAY CREAM is that it also has UV protection formula which protects from skin from harsh UVA/UVB rays and Sun damage. Which means we dont need to shell out that extra money for sunscreen lotions as it also doubles up as a sunscreen lotion. Apply this effective and enriching day cream twice a day morning and evening generously after cleansing your face with TEENLICIOUS CASHMERE CARE FACE  WASH and watch out the noticeably healthy skin, radiance and glow. The best part of this day cream is that is glides smoothly and gels perfectly with our skin. After application of this day cream you don’t need several other creams like primers and foundations. It also acts as a make up base. It does not create that oily film on our face unlike other creams which sometimes feel too heavy on skin. This miraculous day cream is non oily and is too light weight. This hand cream is neatly packed in a tub with a white plastic lid which avoids dripping topped by the regular golden lid which gives it a real classy and sophisticated look. Like the TEENLICIOUS hand cream and face wash this day cream is too handy to carry out on travel trips.
TEENLICIOUS skin care range From FIX DERMA is natural organic and are paraben free. Also these products are not animal tested. TEENLICIOUS skin care range of products is truly deserved by the teens who find it difficult to sort out those skin care problems caused because of the hormonal changes. I am truly impressed with the superior results TEENLICIOUS has given out. Highly recommended to all the teens who look for skin care products without creating a hole in their pockets. 4 1/2 stars for such brand FIX DERMA for creating such a fuss free skin care for teenagers.
You can order it for yourself from the FIX DERMA website Also you can catch them on Instagram and have a look of what FIX DERMA has in store for all the teeny-weeny teens.
So all my lovely teenage followers out their hit the website and indulge yourself into the teenlicious, fruity, Floral, Natural and organic world of products and experience the perks of being a teenager with FIX DERMA.
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  1. Tosom says:

    The packaging is so cute and vibrant. Loved it! The products seem promising. Would love to try a few. Thanks for introducing this new brand to me. ?

  2. Unknown says:

    Umm actually i have dry skin …so is this suitable for skin too???

    1. Hello… Yes of course… These products are suitable for dry skin too. Now that you have dry skin use the teenlicious cashmere care face wash and moisturize it with teenlicious day cream. For more beauty and make up tips follow me on Instagram. 🙂 @unknown

  3. A variety of clarifying, purifying and refining skin care products. This is the most important for any skincare routine.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow! Never knew of something like this exists for teenagers…Gonna share with my younger cousins.

  5. Great products… I like how they are focussed on teenage skin.
    Cute packaging too thank you for sharing.

  6. Will certainly recommend this product to my niece, she would love it.

  7. Teenage skin care brand is much needed will share with my youngers ones


  9. newsontube says:

    The product range looks good
    Prices are also reasonable

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  11. I like how cute their products look. Looks Handy

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