Heyy lovelies..hope you all are doing good and enjoying the festive season. The month of October happens to be my most favorite part of the year as it brings Fall, Festivals, and Holidays..!!! Ā I keep waiting eagerly for my holidays to arrive and finally it has arrived. And the best part- its my trekking holiday..YAYYY šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ Started packing for my holiday.. while collecting my trekking Ā essentials checklist like clothes, shorts, shoes, medicines etc i came across this highly important holiday essential CITRONELLA INSECT REPELLENT SPRAY from a brand called THE NATURE’S CO.
THE NATURE’S CO is a PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals) certified brand that makes vegan, natural and organic skin care products. THE NATURE’S CO uses best of the natural ingredients to prepare its skin care range of products which are cruelty free and vegan. iĀ received this vegan and all naturalĀ Ā CITRONELLA INSECT REPELLENT SPRAY.


Citronella repellent spray is actually a spray that keeps insects and mosquitoes at bay. This CITRONELLA INSECT REPELLENT SPRAY contains natural ingredients like CITRONELLA OIL, EUCALYPTUS OIL and LEMONGRASS OIL. LEMONGRASS OIL is a natural insect repellent that shields us against various insects and pests. It is a natural repellent which is very useful for us during holidays, or while at Parks and gardens which drives away mosquitoes and insects and keep us safe and healthy from such unwanted elements. This CITRONELLA INSECT REPELLENT SPRAY is packed in a very handy and beautiful spray bottle that you can even carry it in your purse while you are away on one of your trips outside where you may have a danger of getting attacked by mosquitoes or pests. You can even put it into the school bags of your kids and keep them safe. It is quite easy to use you just need to spray it on your body like just another body spray that you use daily and you are good to go. Avoid spraying on your face. This spray is a non fussy watery consistency which gels really well with your skin and does not cause any irritation because of the natural ingredients that it carries. It is also safe for kids.

This CITRONELLA INSECT REPELLENT SPRAY has become a vital one of those things which I never forget to carry along with me outside. It is priced at Rupees 450.00 for a 100 ml of a bottle which is not a big deal when it comes to taking care of our health and keeping us safe from all those really dangerous and harmful insects and pests.

You can buy it for yourself from their website www.thenaturesco.com. Also you can shop it from various major shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. Do catch THE NATURE’S CO on Instagram. Ā Order for your self and make it most of those evenings with your kids at the greenery and parks without a worry of pests and insects.
Do leave your comments and feedback about this post in the comment box below. Until then enjoy and as i always put it stay stylish lovelies.. xoxo

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  1. Insect Repellent ? now this is something different ? love the way u make things simple with your reviews ??

    1. Thanks so much @fashionista120 am i glad you loved it šŸ™‚

      1. ā¤ļø

  2. This sounds to be a nice product. Will try it.

  3. Wow Insect repellent looks good. Citronella is the key ingredient to keep bugs away
    Thank you for sharing

  4. Used Mosquito repellent, never Insect repellent. Will try it.

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