QTROVE WEBSITE REVIEW: A Trove Curated With Love

A big hello to all my lovelies.. hope you all are doing well for yourself. Shopping is something for which we girls can give our left eye and right hand. I am sure most of you would agree with me on this (grinning). And its icing on the cake when it comes to online shopping. Its just you, your laptop, munchies and the website. And one such website i recently stumbled upon is QTROVE.
QTROVE is a one such specially designed digital trove where in you can shop  products which are natural and handmade  from various vendors who make natural and handmade products. QTROVE portrays actual pictures of the products where in you get the exact overall idea how the product will be unlike other websites which show pictures that varies from the actual product. In the search box you can explore the curated products of your choice and order them instantly.
QTROVE deals into vast range of  products from various categories.

  • 199 TROVE

199 Trove and Corporate  Gifting are the recently introduced categories. 199 Trove is a category where you will find assorted natural and handmade products which are priced at below RS 199.00 INR. Corporate gifting category has curated products which you can gift it to your employees. They have custom curated gift hampers designed to gift it to the employees which is a break from usual run of the mill chocolates and sweets.
Purchasing process at QTROVE is quiet easy and most simple. You simply need to click on the product of your choice which you want to buy. You are provided with the description of the product which helps in giving details about the product which we want to buy. There are options about the quantity in which you want to buy. There is an option called as ADD TO CART. Click on the ADD TO CART. Check out. Provide your mailing details and you are done with buying the product.
Payment process is also very simple. You can pay by credit card, Debit card, or can even get products by cash on delivery.
WHAT I SHOPPED FOR: I shopped for some really cute and lovely handmade and all natural products from QTROVE. Let us go through my shopping from QTROVE.


This is a face scrub from a brand called as Madhuban. It is a fruit based exfoliant which is prepared from natural ingredients is Pomegranate fruit extract, Papaya Whole fruit extract and Oats. It is 100 percent all natural and handmade. It is priced at RS 225.00 for 100 grams of a packet.


This is a bathing soap from a brand called as SAND FOR SOAPAHOLICS. It is also handmade and prepared from natural ingredients like Water of coconut endosperm, vegetable glycerin etc. It is a transparent sea green coloured soap containing white big chunks which is a delight to our eyes. It is a coconut based soap which smells heavenly making it a truly natural and heavenly. It is priced at RS 272.25 for a bar of 99 grams.
DISCOUNTS FOR MY FOLLOWERS: Its raining discounts for my followers at QTROVE. Getting discounts while shopping is like an icing on the cake. Now all my followers are eligible to get discounts from QTROVE to shop. Get 20 % off on the first time online paid order above Rupees 200.00 (CART VALUE). Use the discount code INSTAFP20 and fill Your carts. (offer valid till October end 2016)
QTROVE also has an option called as suggest a seller. Suggest a seller is an option where you can suggest sellers who want to sell their natural and handmade products on this website. I really had a whale of time shopping from QTROVE. I ordered the products and it arrived within 3-4 days from the date of order. My shopping experience with QTROVE has been really amazing and would want to shop the curated products again and again.
So girls what are you waiting for? Get your popcorn, munchies and hit and pamper yourself with some retail therapy.
Do leave your comments and feedback about this post in the comment box below. Until then Shop till you drop all my girlies… <3 <3


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