OMORFEE: Goodness Of Nature On your Hands

There is no better feeling on earth than to wake up to the soft and beautiful hands. Being a girl or for that matter say being a woman, our hands go through a great deal of activities like hectic household chores, and a whole lot of other activities since the start of the day. And irony is that our hands become the most neglected part of the body making it the most damaged, chapped, cracked and also never forget the environment damage as also our hands tends to be the most exposed part of the body. Given all this we take a little or absolutely no care of our hands which demands the most attention.
Off late i came across a skin care brand known as OMORFEE. Started in 2014 OMORFEE in Greek means ‘Beautiful’. OMORFEE was born out of the desire to eliminate low grade and harmful skin care and provide organic and beauty care range. I received this exotic MELTING HAND MOISTURIZER from OMORFEE. Let us have a look how this scientifically advanced skincare solution works.


This is an amazing all natural and organic hand moisturizer which contains natural and organic ingredients like Milk Extracts, Lotus Oil and Baobab Oil. Lotus Oil is known to be rich in anti-oxidants which helps to reverse the effects of aging of skin. Baobab has multi benefits on skin making it nourished as it contains omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids which replenishes your skin. Milk extracts remove the dead skin cells and adds a healthy glow on on your hands. It is also packed with other natural ingredients like natural Shea butter, natural Kokum Butter, organic Olive oil, Glycerin, and essential vitamins which makes this MELTING HAND MOISTURIZER a perfect formula to regain the much required moisture and glow on hands. This hands moisturizer has a creamy consistency which glides on easily and blends on the skin like a dream. I simply love its milky white colour and the fragrance it carries of the natural ingredients it has. This superior quality hand moisturizer has become a part of my daily regimen. Just take a small amount on this moisturizer on the palm, rub all over and massage gently until it is fully absorbed.

MELTING HAND MOISTURIZER from OMORFEE is so natural and organic to the extent that it is packed in a spray bottle with from natural and bio degradable bamboo  wooden lid. it is so nicely packed that prevents dripping from the lid and you can also carry it in your bag along. it is priced at RUPEES 699.00 for 50 ml of a bottle. it is not tested on animals unlike other brands which harm the nature in making of the skin care solutions.

OMORFEE believes giving back to our mother earth with their little efforts. So they have initiated of sowing a sapling of rain giving plant. I am simply in love with this awesome product and would love it buy it all over again and again. You can buy this exotic MELTING HAND MOISTURIZER and other range of such exotic skin care products for yourself from their website . Also find them on Instagram. Just hit their website and explore the natural and organic world of OMORFEE and you will thank me for that.

Do leave your feedback and comments about this post in the comment box below. Hope you like my experience with OMORFEE. See you all with something new….  Until then stay stylish and gorgeous as i always put it.

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  1. himanju23 says:

    Lovely review babe.. Love the way you clicked pictures ?

    1. Thanks so much @himanju23 🙂

  2. Love your review and the clicks too.

  3. Love your pictures so well shot. Thank you for the honest review.

  4. Love the captures..loved reading it.

  5. Wow! Bamboo Lid is something I have never heard or expected from a brand before. I am sure the product must be just as good!


  7. Nice review and photography skills.

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