FushciaVKare: Get The Inner Healing And The Outer Glow all my lovely girlies out there… Hope you all are doing well and shining pretty..Being a girl we all love the feeling of a fresh, dewy and illuminating skin. And to achieve that great skin we make sure we do every possible effort. City life sometimes tends to get hectic and over the top. To cope up that we need healing solutions which not only rejuvenates us but also gives us that gorgeous and healthy looking skin.  And this time i came across this natural and organic skin care solutions from FUSHCIA by VKARE. I received these Green Tea Face,  Body Scrub and Sandal Saffron Bath Salt and Natural Handmade Designer Soaps.
FUSHCIA by VKARE is a company that makes Natural, organic and handmade skincare products that free from chemicals like SLS, PARABEN and PHTHALATES. Such organic skin care products are an absolute must because most skin damage happens because of the chemicals that are used in the skin care products. Lets get into the world of these FUSHCIA by VKARE and see how these natural products work.


Bath salts are a great way to detoxify,  feel fresh and healthy after a long tiring day. SANDAL SAFFRON BATH SALT from FUSHCIA by VKARE is a natural and handmade salt combined to create the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs. This organic salt contains natural ingredients like sea salt with dead sea minerals, Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, Sandalwood essential oil, Saffron threads and olive oil. Sandalwood oil has healing properties which help in soothing your mind and reverses the effects of stress giving a calming effect. This bath salt’s advanced formula replenishes your skin making it healthy, luminous and illuminating. This is a non fussy natural product which is free from all sorts of harmful and irritating chemicals like Parabens, SLS, Phthalates making it a wonderful and perfect product to use after a tired and hectic day. I simply love the fragrance of this salt as it has a fresh and soothing aroma of Sandal and Saffron. this salt is very simple to use, you just have to scrub on your skin and exfoliate or you can even add it into warm bathing water. SANDAL SAFFRON BATH SALT is packed is tiny beautiful plastic container. I simply love its shape as it is very easy to handle. 


This is another superb organic skin care solution that i received From  FUSHCIA by VKARE. GREEN TEA FACE AND BODY SCRUB is a natural, gentle yet powerful scrub made from all natural ingredients like Green tea, Olive oil, Wheat germ oil and Aloe Vera. Scrubs play a vital role in the skin care routine which is a must given all the damage caused on the skin due pollution and stress. It is also Free from harmful chemicals like Parabens, SLS etc which makes it suitable for the people with sensitive skin. It has a lovely green colour which just makes it look really fresh. it is very non fussy and easy to use. you just need to take a pea sized amount. Apply it on your face and massage in circular motions for 2-3 minutes and rinse it off. It replenishes your skin making your skin healthy looking and also adds that much needed glow. This green tea scrub comes packed in beautiful plastic tubs which are easy to handle and you can use the optimum amount of the products unlike the usual tubes which are available in the market. 


Natural handmade soaps are quiet popular these days for their natural ingredients and the purpose they serve.  One such natural handmade soap is from FUSHCIA by VKARE. It is made natural ingredients and also contains essential aroma oils. Aroma oils have medicinal properties which helps in healing.  This natural handmade soap helps in healing common skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis etc. It also glycerin which acts as a natural moisturizer keeping skin healthy and beautiful.  What i absolutely love about this soap is its fragrance. it has a really soothing fragrance which helps feeling fresh after using it.  it has a rich and creamy lather which makes skin illuminating and satin soft. This natural soap is also rich in anti oxidants which helps in reversing the effects of skin aging. These soaps are neatly packed wrapped in clear cling films which does not hamper the shape or quality of a soap. Look of the soap is also quiet luxurious as it has a beautiful natural orange colour and is spiral in shape which gives it a sophisticated and classy look. It weighs approximately 15 grams which makes it super handy and comfortable to carry on travels.


This is another soap i recieved from FUSHCIA by VAKRE which also belongs to the family of these natural handmade soaps. The only thing that differs is the colour as it has natural mint green colour. It aslo contains glycerin, anti-oxidants, and essential aroma oils.  This soap is also chemical free and does not contains harmful toxic chemicals like SLS, PARABENS etc which makes these soaps cruelty free. It is warpped in clear cling film and does not ruin its beautiful spiral shape. it is approximately around 15 grams. Use it twice a day and discover the power of nature.

I simply am in awe of these natural handmade products and would recommend  these products to the people who are obsessed for natural handmade products. I would rate these gorgeous skin care products 8/10.  So what are you guys waiting for? just hit the FUSHCIA by VAKRE  and bring out the best from nature for your skin.
You can also find them on Instagram  and loose yourself in their world of heavenly skin care products.  My verdict: JUST GO AND BUY. 🙂
Hope You guys like my reviews for FUSHCIA by Vkare. Feel free to give your feedback. Until then stay gorgeous and stay tuned for more.


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