Neesh: Wear Those Precious Drops

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Fashion is not only about choosing and wearing the right kind of clothes or wearing the high end accessories just for the heck of it but also wearing the right kind of perfume. And selecting the right kind of fragrance of yourself is an art. Be it your daily office routine, day out or night out with friends or a date with that someone special, you always need to smell right as your fragrance can make or break your personality.And then comes the herculean task of choosing the right perfume brand which not only suits yours  personality  but is also exotic and subtle. And one such brand that i came across recently is NEESH.
NEESH is a brand with a wide range of  exotic fragrance products. NEESH ensures the uses of natural and fresh ingredients which helps to make fragrances aromatic, exquisite and divine. They have a precious collection of 12 perfumes for both men and women. 6 for men and 6 for women. lets have a look on my collection of perfumes that i got from NEESH


Oud or agarwood is quiet famous for all over the world for its distinguished combination of “oriental-woody” and “very soft fruity-floral” notes.  And NEESH has used this OUD in the very heavenly and pleasant way to make this AMOUR DE OUD. It has a very floral, sweet and smoky smell which is ideal for creating an impact on that someone special. AMOUR DE OUD has the captivating top note of FRENCH ROSE, WHITE LILY and MIMOSA, middle note of HONEY ROSE and GARDENIA WHITE JASMINE and base note of MUSK and WHITE AMBER.  


SULTANA is another classic fragrance which has caught my senses. it is nothing but classy, sophisticated and a refined taste created to make your day perfect for the any occasion. SULTANA has a very  intricate and elaborate aroma  that intermingle like a mosaic of scent. It has the  rich and comforting top note of INDIAN SAFFRON  and TEA ROSE. middle note of  CASTOREUM and base note of AGARWOOD AMBER. And to those who have never given it some time, I suggest you do as it is one of the handful of fragrances that I believe every “real” woman should wear at least once in her life.
It is difficult to describe the NEESH.  It is something unique unto itself and is almost impossible to distinguish. Not only that, but the complexity and vastness of notes used to make NEESH is quite an enigma. NEESH perfumes are packed in a very sleek and handy pikpacks which you can carry even in your jeans back pocket or even your thin clutches. NEESH also has a really long lasting smell which lasts upto 10- 12 hours. Also one of the best part is that NEESH perfumes pikpacks are priced at Just Rupees 340.00 Which is absolutely not a bad deal for your pocket. Each spray just costs you less even less than rupee one.

If I could be, or live, in the world of NEESH, it would  nothing to me but a  better representation of  what a true and powerful woman should be. A woman who has an eye for beauty and the brains for ruling the world. But if I can’t live in the of NEESH world permanently, then at least when I wear  those precious drops of NEESH. I have the confidence to be the woman I KNOW I can be. And as Coco Chanel said herself: “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume, has no future.”
NEESH perfumes are easily available on major shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, ebay etc. Also you can order for yourself on their website So just order for yourself once and experience this royal affair with NEESH perfumes.


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