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Have you ever experienced when you just step out of your house for shopping at a high end shopping hub or a day out with friends looking extremely dazzling, fresh and gorgeous and after a few hours you just feel a layer of oil, sweat and dirt collected on your face and you are like what the hell has happened to your face when you look at yourself in your pocket mirror.
Same was the case with me until i started using TATHA HONEY FACE WASH. I am a girl who is blessed with extremely sensitive and acne prone skin which makes me utterly important to take utmost care of it. But after having used this nature’s blessing TATHA HONEY FACE WASH i have realised that i almost got rid of my problems which i mentioned above. Being a girl with sensitive skin i need to make sure i use mild yet effective skin care solutions. And truly TATHA HONEY FACE WASH is a natures blessing as it contains natural ingredients like Honey, Sesame oil and Almond oil. Honey is extremely moisturizing, soothing and helps create a glow on your skin. Having such natural ingredients packed  in one bottle has made TATHA HONEY FACE WASH a miracle product.

It has a soft,smooth and creamy brown coloured paste consistency which makes it easy to use helping removing impurities, dirt, grime and oil from the skin and leaves the skin squeaky clean. It is also Free from harmful chemicals like Parabens, SLS etc and is totally fuss free making it Suitable for combination to oily skin. It is ideal for both men and women. It has just the right amount of cleansing properties perfect for people of all skin types. I have been using it every morning and night before going to bed followed with usual toning and moisturizing. You just have to take a small pea sized amount, gently massage in circular motions, rinse off, just pat dry and you are good to go. since then it has become my usual morning ritual.

What i absolutely love is its packing. it comes in a glass jar sealed with a plastic white cover to avoid dripping topped with a regular black coloured lid which makes it look a real classy and sophisticated product. Also it is a travel friendly for the people who travel a lot like me. But how i wished it had a refreshing fragrance. for some reason i have not loved its fragrance but the kind of natural  product it is, such minuscule things like its smell doesn’t matter to me at all. Also the most loving part of this face wash is that it just does not create a hole in your pocket..i mean it just costs rupees 630.00 making it an absolute pocket friendly product.

Overall i am really super impressed with this natural and organic miracle face wash which has made my skin heavenly, healthy looking and has brought it a sheen which i craved for since a really long time and keeps me oil and dirt free all day long. 4.5 stars to this little saviour from me. you too can order this product for yourself online. These are easily available on famous shopping websites like Amazon, flipkart and many more or you can just hit their website and experience the nature’s gift in the form of TATHA HONEY FACE WASH.
So what are you waiting for? just go get yours.. 🙂 Until next time Keep glowing and stay stylish with TATHA.


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