Top 5 Monsoon Must-Haves 2016

Hello everyone out there..hope everyone is enjoying this monsoon at its best. But i tell you functionality and balancing your style can be a little tricky game. You need to look fashionable, stylish and yet at the same time you should be able to handle the little problems that crop up during the wet weather. So i bring a little list of must haves that you can incorporate in your daily routine to maintain your as usual stylish image even during monsoon.


Footwear during monsoon needs to be really comfortable and yet funky, trendy, and stylish. Flip Flops are perfectly pocket friendly and fit your feet with the perfection you always crave for. Pick a range with trendy prints and pop colors to match your style.


Wearing shorts during monsoon is very comfortable as it keeps you really hassle free of getting wet. shorts are easy to carry off and also gives you the trendy look at the same time. check them out various in colours and fabrics.


If you are eager to keep your looks presentable it is advisable to use makeup products that are water resistant. Rainwater smudges your makeup making you look clumsy. So never forget to wear and carry waterproof mascara and eyeliner.


Carrying a bright and pop colour umbrella during monsoon can really help you take your style quotient to the next level. Always carry a three fold umbrella which are comfortable to carry and fit into your bag easily.


Monsoons are sure to wet your bags. So if you are to keep an important appointment or are appearing for an interview, make sure to carry a waterproof bag that will keep your documents dry.
These have ideas have saved many people from the disadvantages of the monsoons. However, some find it wonderful getting wet while some find it irritating. If you feel you have had enough of the rain make good use of these ideas and enjoy the monsoon.
Until next time This is Firdaus signing off…keep stylish…go wet and enjoy the Mumbai monsoon…. MMuuaahhhh….  <3 🙂

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