5 Cross Border Celebrities who are Stunningly Stylish

Hello everyone out there…Always being on the verge of creating something new and yet stylish at the same time, i thought about the on craze going on for these our very own cross border Pakistani Celebs these days. We as Indians are always curious to know about the lifestyle of these cross border people. Not only about their lifestyle but also about their fashion and style. So here is my pick of 10 celebrities who not only act but who also have carved a niche for themselves  in the world of fashion.


For many of us, the svelte and suave Mahira Khan personifies the bona fide style icon of Pakistan’s entertainment industry. From her innocent look in churi daar pajama in Humsafar to her funky glamorous skirts in Shehr-e-Zaat, her versatile looks in TUC-The lighter side of life to her desi dresses in Sadqay Tumharay; Khan has an undeniable knack for appearing drop-dead gorgeous in whatever she wears.
Aisha Rao has progressed day by day to make her name emerge in the world of fashion. wearing famous designer labels like Sania Masktiya, she has come a long way. With the pretty face and the style she carries she surely has a long way to go.
Almost a decade after ruling the small screen, Mehwish Hayat has proven her mettle on the silver screen as well.
From her plain Jane look in TV serials, the ‘Billi’ we see in Na Maloom Afraad has evolved into a fashion-savvy celeb. Not only have her acting skills improved, but her personal style has also evolved tenfold with the passage of time. way to go girl.
Ainy Jaffri has worked with many luxorious brand names. she is a former model so she has distinctive fashion and style aesthetics. Many designers have helped her groom like Sania Maskatiya, Farah Talib Aziz and many more.
Maya Ali has won many style awards for her for her style and glamorous good looks. Many designers like Mina Hasan and Maria are responsible for making her look glamorous  in the fashion industry.
Hope you guys have liked my blog about cross border fashion and style. There is many more to come about cross border Pakistani style and aesthetics. Till then you guys stay tuned for more such updates.
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